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Advanced Features

Profit From
Other People’s Content

One of the main problems with sharing other people’s content from your social media, is you lose their attention and the ability to engage them or sell to them at that moment. But what if there was a way to do just that? To be a source of infinite wisdom, a curator of highly valuable content- and still monetize that traffic that you are sending to other websites. Imagine having the ability to share other people’s highly valuable content and be able to add your own call to action right inside that content. Kennect Me allows you to do that and more. Add call to actions like email options, or show a Sales video from YouTube, or have someone book a meeting through a link- then they can read that content that you shared as well. Start sharing smarter. Start using Kennect Me to help you profit from your social media sharing.

Pixel Visitors
& Profit

This works very well with our Overlay feature. But instead of including an overlay, we can fire off a pixel, right before the user lands on the actual website URL that you shared. Now you can remarket to them via the Facebook pixel that you entered into the Kennect Me dashboard. Pretty slick huh!? Marketers understand how important it is to be able to monetize website visitors and attention spans. Kennect Me’s pixel feature allows you to earn that person’s business later by putting them into a follow-up funnel. Love the Overlay and pixel? You can use them both together for more sales opportunities.

Shorten Your Link Here

Branded links can drive a 34% higher click-through versus non-branded links, meaning they help get more eyeballs on your brand and its content.

of Kennect Me

Track &
Compile Data

Marketers love data. Kennect Me allows users to track the customer journey of any visitor who clicks a short link.


Use a link shortner that represents your company for added brand recognition.

Social Sharing

Shorter links are easy to share. Ever visited Instagram and tried to type out a whole URL? Short links FTW.


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